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19 juillet 2006 3 19 /07 /juillet /2006 14:53
ARTISTE : Jacky Cheung                                ALBUM : Master Sonic (1995)
TITRE : Lei heong Lan      

    李  香   兰
    frangance d'orchide

Lo chun fung ngoh sum yun hoh lo chun fung
Suet but chut je jau seung song

Ye yu dong yu dim tau se do jiu pin jung
Wooi tau chi si mung mo fat da dong mai ju ying mong nei jui sik jiu pin jung

Ah jeung fa sui mei hong yu bing sui but dong keuk jeung yau mo so suet wa hoh sik ngoh ting but dong
Ah si bui jau jim nong wa ngoh sum jan hong hoh yi gam jan dong

Jiu pin jung nah hoh yi tau jiu pin jung
Paan jaau do si gaan lit fung
Ye fang jung go ji ngoh nan cham nei fong jung
Wooi tau ya si mong ying chi bei ying dong to bei mong nei keuk sum yan lo jung

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Published by al1-2loin - dans Jacky Cheung
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